Prueba de Nivel

La siguiente prueba de nivel de Cambridge English evaluará tu conocimiento en: gramática, vocabulario, comprensión lectora y comprensión auditiva.

· La prueba de nivel cuenta con un total de 116 preguntas. Deberás responder según el nivel que estimas tener.

  • – Nivel A1-A2. Tienen que completar al menos 40 preguntas.
  • – Nivel B1. Tienen que completar al menos 76 preguntas.
  • – Nivel B2. Tienen que completar al menos 96 preguntas.
  • – Nivel C1. Tienen que completar las 116 preguntas.

· Deberás responder a todas las preguntas correspondiente a tu nivel estimado, no obstante puedes completar todo el cuestionario.
· Para comenzar la prueba de nivel haz click en 2. Cuestionario. Tendrás que introducir tus datos previo a su comienzo.
· Una vez completado el cuestionario, en la sección 3. Listening, selecciona el audio en función del nivel estimado que tengas.
· Recuerda que solo deberás reproducir el audio dos veces. Toma nota de las respuestas.
· Una vez finalizado el Listening introduce tus respuestas en la última página del cuestionario de la prueba de nivel en el apartado que corresponda (en función del nivel que has seleccionado).
· Una vez finalizada toda la prueba de nivel, pulsar el botón ENVIAR.

Good Luck!

2. Cuestionario


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For each question, choose the correct answer. You will hear Lisa talking to her friend Robert about computers.

For each question, choose the correct answer.

1. You will hear a girl telling her friend about a boat trip. How does the girl feel about the boat trip?

a. grateful it was so short
b. surprised the sea was so rough
c. disappointed it was so crowded

2. You will hear a brother and sister talking about cooking. What is the brother trying to do?

a. improve his sister’s confidence at cooking
b. encourage his sister to make him something
c. suggest that his sister should cook for their parents

3. You will hear a girl telling a friend about a band she’s in. The girl says that the singer

a. is very confident on stage.
b. has an interesting singing style.
c. writes unusual songs.

4. You will hear a girl telling her friend about a drama course she’s doing. The girl feels

a. certain she will enjoy it.
b. confident she will do well on it.
c. pleased with the activities so far.

5.You will hear two friends talking about a book they’ve read. What did the boy like best about it?

a. It has an unusual main character.
b. There is lots of action in it.
c. The ending is a surprise.

6.You will hear two friends talking about a TV talent show. What do they think should change about the show?

a. the people who introduce it
b. the people who perform on it
c. the people who comment on the performers

You will hear an interview with the daughter of a Hollywood film star. For questions 1- 6, choose the best answer (A, B or C).

1. For her 14th birthday, Hannah

a. took some friends to see a Harrison Ford film at the cinema.
b. went to watch the making of a film.
c. was given whatever she wanted.

2. How did Hannah’s mother feel when Hannah said she wanted to be an actress?

a. She wasn’t keen on her doing it.
b. She wasn’t discouraging.
c. She didn’t think she was serious about it.

3. What does Hannah say about the comparison with her mother?

a. They have the same shaped eyes.
b. They are both tall.
c. Their noses are similar.

4. Hannah and her mother both think that

a. they look identical.
b. they look a bit alike.
c. people are completely wrong.

5. How did Hannah feel about her mother’s attitude to acting?

a. She was a bit upset.
b. She was angry.
c. She understood.

6. Why was Hannah encouraged to train to be an accountant?

a. Her mother had had a bad experience with money.
b. Hannah needed to learn the importance of saving.
c. Her mother considered it a useful profession.

You will hear three different extracts.

Extract One. You hear a conversation between a man and a woman who are travelling on a river.

1. What complaint does the man make about the journey?

a. He would prefer something more exciting.

b. He would like protection from insects.

c. He would prefer healthier surroundings.

2. What complaint does the man make about the journey?

a. She takes offence at being criticised.

b. She suggests alternative activities.

c. She reprimands him for his attitude.

Extract Two. You hear a woman and a man planning a sponsored walk.

3. The man insists the journey should go ahead because

a. they will not be affected by bad weather.

b. they have plenty of time to complete it.

c. they have promised that they would do it.

4. What do they agree will happen if they don’t reach their objective?

a. They will suffer economically.

b. They will be less well regarded.

c. They will have to try again later.

Extract Three. You hear a conversation between a man and a woman who have both visited the same country.

5. The man thinks travellers gain more from their visit to the country if they

a. avoid hasty judgments about what they encounter.

b. are ready to try new experiences when they arise.

c. prepare for potential problems in advance.

6. How does the woman feel about her journey now?

a. relieved that she completed it safely

b. surprised by the conditions she encountered

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